Molecular Imaging congress in Antwerpen

TriFoil Imaging represented by GenMedica offers the best integrated pre-clinical imaging systems in the market, consisting of the world's first and only complete range of digital imaging technologies as well as the first true 360° tomographic optical imaging system.

  • TRIUMPH® II SPECT/PET/CT System: Fully-integrated platform that combines all-digital imaging subsystems, intuitive software, and integrated animal handling features, all seamlessly controlled via a single interface. Users may select CT-only scans, SPECT-only scans, PET-only scans or a combination of all three in any order.
  • LabPET® Solo: Complete, standalone, PET platform designed to visualize, quantify, and characterize functional parameters in small animals such as mice and rats.
  • X-ray CT scanner: The eXplore CT-120 is a high-performance, high-throughput in vivo MicroCT scanner designed for high-quality scanning for a wide variety of applications.
  • Automated Microvolumetric Blood Counter: A fully integrated and automated system for measuring the radioactivity concentration in the blood of live small animals.
  • FLuorescence Emission Computed Tomography: FLECT™, the first 360-degree optical imager that utilizes a rotating ring of 48 detectors to collect the fluorescent distribution within a subject, in order to generate a full 3-D scan with uniform sensitivity and resolution throughout the FOV.

Conferences & Events

Please come and meet GenMedica & TriFoil Imaging staff at the following events during 2014

Plemenary agenda

EMIM 2014 June 4-6, 2014 Antwerp, Belgium