Meet us at 14th Baltic Congress of Laboratory Medicine

Come and meet us at our booth to discover our new products at 14th Baltic Congress of Laboratory Medicine to be held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, on 10th  – 12th of May, 2018.

Lithuania will celebrate its independence anniversary on 16th of February, Estonia- on 24th of February and Latvia- on 18th of November.  Since gaining independence the three countries have been working hand in hand to become and remain free democratic countries which protect common values, their people, freedom and sovereignty.

The main organizers of the Congress on such a wonderful occasion are the Lithuanian Society of Laboratory Medicine, Lithuanian Society of Human Genetics and Vilnius University together with the Baltic Association of Laboratory Medicine, Estonian Society of Laboratory Medicine and Latvian Society of Laboratory Specialists. There will be invited doctors, academics and researchers, laboratory medicine physicians and medical biologists, specialists in laboratory medicine, commercial exhibitors and all our clinical colleagues to participate in the scientific and social programme of the Congress. The 14th Baltic Congress of Laboratory Medicine will be devoted to a very challenging and rewarding programme focusing on the recent advances in different areas of laboratory medicine and human genetics. In addition the Congress will include an exhibition by the diagnostic industry and it will form an integral part of the meeting. We are confident that the 14th Baltic Congress of Laboratory Medicine will meet and exceed your scientific, cultural and social expectations.

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