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Objective evaluation of cell-based immunofluorescence tests IFA

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In 2009, MEDIPAN GMBH became the first company in the world to introduce a commercially available system for the fully automated, objective evaluation of cell-based immunofluorescence tests. The AKLIDES® system marked a new milestone in the development of the immunofluorescence method – one of the oldest and most widespread laboratory procedures for the diagnosis of autoimmune disease. The now-possible standardization and mathematically proven prediction of antibody concentration were the reasons that the system has received several awards.

The latest development of the AKLIDES® system is its expansion to further applications:

  • The automated measurement of the revolutionary combination of cell-based immunofluorescence for screening with bead-based confirmation – the CytoBead® products – a development of sister company GA Generic Assays for the diagnosis of autoimmune disease – opens the opportunity for a totally new organization of laboratory processes.
  • The dedicated, objective and fast measurement of DNA damage and repair processes via specific fluorescence markers has the potential for many applications: individualization of radiation treatment and chemotherapy, particularly for children; assessment of metabolic or physiologic disorders; or other parameters based on the same principles.

These developments will continue and MEDIPAN GMBH is always open to new suggestions and collaborations.

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AKLIDES system

Fully automated, objective evaluation of cell-based immunofluorescence tests.

AKLIDES® / akiron® Application Immunology

Since 2009 worldwide the first standardized, automated microscope using a software algorithms for positive/negative decision and pattern recognition on cell slides for samples of patients with rheumatism.
No darkroom anymore.

AKLIDES® Application - Cell Damage

Since 2011 worldwide the first standardized, automated system for the determination of biomarkers for DNA repair mechanisms in lymphocytes e.g. for tumor patients.


Pipetting station for automated processing of indirect immunofluorescence assays, up to 48 samples on 8 slides. Data transfer to automated microscope systems akiron® and AKLIDES®.

CytoBead® Technology

Since 2014 worldwide the first combination of cells/tissues and antigen coated beads in one immunofluorescence test for simultaneous screening and confirmation of autoantibodies. Quantitative results in ENA, ANCA and celiac disease profiling.


Test for the determination of autoantibodies against the muscle specific receptor tyrosine kinase (MuSK) for the diagnosis of the neurological disorder Myasthenia gravis, characterized by a defective communication between nerves and muscles.


Test for determination of autoantibodies against glycoprotein 2 (GP2), antibodies of IgG type serve as new marker for the differential diagnosis of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Morbus Crohn or Colitis ulcerosa. Antibodies of IgA type help in the prognosis of primary sclerosing cholangitis.


Worldwide unique test for the determination of autoantibodies against the asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGPR) for the diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune hepatitis.


Test for determination of autoantibodies against the soluble liver antigen for the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis.

Anti-Factor H ELISA

Test for the diagnosis of the atypical hemolytic uremic sydrome, which is accompanied by acute kidney failure. The syndrome may be caused by autoantibodies against factor H, a regulating protein of the innate immune system.

Medizym® Tg Rem ELISA

Highly sensitive test system for early recognition of recurrent thyroid carcinomas.

Anti-Phospholipid (APL) Dot

New approach for the risk assessment of miscarriages and for problems with thrombosis patients. 10 different antibodies determined simultaneously.

Anti-Gangliosid Dot

Innovative test system for profile diagnostics of autoimmune diseases of the peripheral nervous system. 12 different antibodies determined simultaneously.